Seiki Ramen @ San Jose, Ca

Osaka Tonkotsu yummm! The broth is excellent, service is always good and their hours are grrrrreat! Open until 2am in the South Bay? Take my money please! 🙂  Seiki Ramen 4035 Evergreen Village Sq, San Jose, CA, 95135

Hanalchi Cafe @ Siam 1, Bangkok

My favorite snack place.  Their menu is full of super weird snacks and drinks.  Condensed Milk Buttered Toast with a Thai Iced Tea.  Really hits the spot!!

Top Dog @ Berkeley, Ca

Kielbasa (polish sausage) hot dog at 1 in the morning! Nothing better than a hot dog done right with a toasted bun after midnight. Delicious! If you’re in the Berkeley area, this place closes at 3am Fridays and Saturdays, the rest of the week at 2am :O Fantastic! Top Dog 2534 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA,…

Pumpkin Cheesecake @ Starbucks

Starbucks seasonal item alert! If you like their pumpkin muffins, these pumpkin cheesecake bars are exactly the same thing except you get a much better ratio of cream cheese to muffin/cake (you get more glorious cream cheese). Only thing is that you lose the walnuts. But hey, life is full of sacfrices ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (our prediction?…

Pho21 & Boba21 @San Jose Ca

Shaking beef with pasta. It was good but the star of the show was the coconut milk. It’s sweet but good. Especially at 1am when you don’t want to be buzzed on tea!  Finally another late night spot in the South Bay/San Jose area. The restaurant space these guys took over used to have good…

Mae Yui @ Aree, Bangkok

This restaurant has a lot of the items on their menu derived from famous OG Aree street vendors, but contemporarized.  They just opened and are already packed 24/7.  Great atmosphere, great flavours.

Bowery Bungalow, Silverlake, Los Angeles

Cast Iron Mideast Chicken.  A modern take on North African cuisine.  Absolutely delicious and exotic.  The skillet rice with figs and raisins is a really great accompaniment.

Prather Ranch Burger@Serpentine San Francisco, Ca

PRATHER RANCH HAMBURGER arugula – housemade bread & butter pickles – pickled onions – acme roll – french fries (we asked for no onions and had the burger cooked medium well) Absolutely delicious!

Ihwamun @ Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

This time I had Yakgwa (Ginger and Sesame Royal Bisquit).   It was super good and had tiny pieces of bisquits inside, but not as good as the Malted Milk.  They routinely change their flavours here.

Kim Chuy @ Chinatown, Los Angeles

Delicious Special Egg Noodle with Spiced Duck Leg (I got it dry with soup on the side) and Lipton Iced Tea with Condensed Milk:))