Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Chilaquiles @ Main Kitchen Cafe, Granada Hills, Ca

Hands down, one of my favorite restaurants. Hidden in plain site, they’re located at the corner of Balboa and Chatsworth in Granada Hills, Ca.

Their style of food is comfort-food classic-dishes made with the best ingredients and taken to the next level with a little flair.
They don’t do hipster things just to make it sound cool (but actually don’t taste good). No goat cheese surprises here. They only take dishes that everyone knows and loves and makes them even better.

For example, their french toast has macadamia nuts sprinkled on top. Small detail. GREAT detail. Totally adds texture and a little more dimension to the flavor.

The food is so good here, that we recommend ordering a dish for yourself, but also ordering more food to share between you and your friends. We should also mention how good the service is here. The customer service is fantastic. Attentive and engaging, but not over the top either.  Always a great experience here.


On this visit, here’s what we got:

Vanilla French Toast

Caramelized bourbon bacon, bananas and macadamia with caramel sauce. Also comes with syrup and powdered sugar. Attention to detail: It has caramel sauce for the base, but then you add syrup for another layer of flavor. Fantastic! I only noticed now, but ours came with a rhubarb topping (or was it strawberry? we were too busy stuffing our faces) as well.


Eggs Benedict

This is the star of the show. It’s hard to get better than this.
Two poached eggs with maple ham and hollandaise on an English muffin with potatoes. I asked for the hollandaise on the side so I can adjust how much flavor I wanted. The flavor was already so good that I didn’t want the sauce to overpower it (on subsequent visits, my friend confirmed that’s what happens when you get the sauce on top).

They call it English muffin, but the way they prepare it tastes completely different. It’s some sort of fusion of English muffin and glorious buttery biscuit. The flavor it gives to the Eggs Benedict really can’t be described. In your first bite, your eyes will light up and you’ll realize this is one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever have.  I literally day dream about this dish.


Cinnamon tortilla chips sautéed in tomatillo salsa with black beans cilantro, white onion, cotija crumbles and two farm eggs sunny side up.
These are tasty, but beware, they’re EXTREMELY spicy. I could only eat a few, while my friend was able to eat the whole thing (happily).


Also a plus: They have every hot sauce you could ever desire. When a restaurant prides itself on its quality and attention to detail, condiments (hot sauces included) are something I consider to be the cost of entry (but is surprisingly rare).

Order extra dishes and share with your friends. Delicious!
Very clean and wonderful customer service

Main Kitchen
17013 Chatsworth St
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(747) 300-2433
Main Kitchen website:

Main Kitchen Yelp:

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  1. Tony says:

    That food look so good! I’m over on the west side, but I might have to take the drive to check this place out. Thanks for doing the lord’s work, guys!

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