Famous Dave’s Barbecue – Pulled Pork

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FAMOUS DAVE’S BARBEQUEThey have pretty good lunch specials. Today I had a Baked potato with Georgia Chopped Pork with house-smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, and whipped butter. It comes with a side, so I chose their yummy jalapeno mac and cheese. It comes with cornbread too. Whenever I go to barbecue places, I’m sure to order the sweet tea.Did you know that sweet tea has that distinctive sweetness because of when they mix in the sugar during the tea-making process? When making sweet tea, you mix the sugar into the boiling water to let it melt with the water, as opposed to putting sugar into the tea after it’s cooled down and been iced (as with traditional teas). That’s why every drop of sweet tea has that sweet flavor.

Don’t forget to ask for the barbecue chips! They’re a free appetizer that most people don’t know. They used to be called kettle chips. Famous Dave’s took them off menu for quite a while then brought them back. But most servers won’t give them to you without a request. So be sure to ask, and pour out a little bbq sauce for delicious dipping!

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