Gagan @ Lung Suaen Rd, Bangkok

Contemporary Indian restaurant at it’s best.  I had the 10 course tasting menu.  Molecular gastronomic creations.  Some of the appetizers were: a yogurt and herb concoction that tasted like a poached egg, white chocolate balls with a spice and herbs mixed liquid center, an edible mini pouch of things that tasted like wasabi peas, and a samosa reconstructed.  Expensive for Thailand but the food is really interesting.  No 17 on this year’s S. Pelligrino’s list of the world’s best restaurant.  About $60 for a 10 course meal still a great price for a place of this quality!! Oh and BTW the cocktails were amazing!!  They brought a mixologist all the way from Barcelona.  Bar will be opened in about 6 months as they do some constructions.

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