Poki Bowl @ the Plant, San Jose, Ca

If you haven’t been a part of the poki craze, ¬†you should be. If you like sushi/sashimi, these poki restaurants are a great deal for what you get. They’re part of the latest Chipotle style restaurants where you can customize exactly how you want your meal.

I got the 3 scoops bowl (2 scoops tuna, 1 scoop salmon) with some toppings (avocado, imitation crab, pickled cucumbers, roe, green onions, sesame seeds) on top of a bowl of rice for about $10 (give or take). It was very tasty!

If you ever have a sushi craving but don’t want to commit to the time (or money) of a “proper” sushi restaurant, these places are fantastic. Only downside is the lines out the door. That’s why I recommend not going during peak lunch and dinner times.

Poki Bowl is located between the Tapioca Express and The Halal Guys at the Plant Shopping plaza in San Jose,Ca.

Poki Bowl
81 Curtner Ave
Ste 30
San Jose, CA 95125
Phone number (408) 610-9150

Poki Bowl Website

Poki Bowl Yelp

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