Rosy’s Fish City San Jose Ca

Lunch at Rosy’s Fish City San Jose Ca
Craving some quick seafood in San Jose, Ca? 
Lunch Specials at Rosy’s Fish City in San Jose, Ca will hit the spot and they have pretty darn good specials too! This grilled salmon, rice, vegetables, and garlic bread all for $8! The seafood tastes quite fresh and the service is very good. Just keep in mind that this place isn’t for the pretentious, because this restaurant is more of an old school (translation: not exactly perfectly upkept) restaurant. It’s like going to a friend’s house to have some Mexican style seafood dishes at a good price.
At the time of this posting, their lunch hours are 11am to 3pm and they have a sizable lunch menu. Dishes that  range around $8 for Grilled Salmon, Grilled Snapper, Grilled Tilapia, Deep Fried Snapper. These all include rice, vegetables, and their tasty garlic bread.
 Or there’s fried specials like Fish and chips for $5.50 or Fried clams for $6.50. They have pasta, salads, tuna melts and all other manner of seafood related dishes too!
*Inside tip: Missed lunch time? No problem! They have Happy Hour shortly afterwards with great deals on calamari, clams, ceviche, and other awesome treats! We’ve also heard that they have a good breakfast scene so we shall report back on that soon!
Exterior of Rosy’s Fish City San Jose Ca
Grilled Salmon, rice, vegetables at Rosy’s Fish City San Jose Ca
Garlic Bread at Rosy’s Fish City San Jose Ca
Seafood at Rosy’s Fish City San Jose Ca
Rosy’s Fish City
2882 Story Rd
San Jose, CA 95127
(408) 272-2088
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