Green Tea Dessert at Snowice in Santa Clara, Ca

Eat your Green at Snowice Santa Clara Ca
Green tea matcha, kiwi, cantaloupe, mochi,
condensed milk, green tea ice cream, chocolate syrup

This place is a homerun. Really great desserts and if you go during slow hours, there’s plenty of seating everywhere. The atmosphere is straight up mall food court (in fact, it literally IS a food court), but once you’re sitting and lounging in their seating area, it actually feels more like an outdoor cafe. Surprisingly not a bad place to meet with a friend if you just want a quiet place for a great dessert and good conversation.

The great thing about the desserts at Snowice is that the desserts are layered in a way that the flavor and texture isn’t the same throughout the entire dessert. So it may start sweeter and stronger on the top layer, but it turns more into a light ice (you could say a “snow”) dessert in the middle, then gets a little stronger as you get to the bottom again because the melted ingredients meeting at the bottom.

They have a lot of flavors and options so you’re sure to find something for everyone. Some examples of their dishes: “Eat your Green” (this is what we had. green tea matcha with mochi bits, ice cream, and other amazing things to create a wonderful flavor),  Rosy Berry (berries), Monkey Lover (chocolate and bannanas), Milky Sweetie, Yogur Melon,Rich Lychee, Falling Fruits, Hawaiian Yum, and more!

Snowice next to Cafe Milan at Santa Clara, Ca
Great lounging area at Snowice in Santa Clara, Ca

Big enough to share with friends
Plenty of open seating at Snowice

Snowice is located inside Lawrence Plaza.

3561 El Camino Real
Ste 99
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 251-1002

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